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Holiday Show Confirmation

Parents:  A NEW location has been confirmed for the Holiday Show as mentioned in the email sent to all parents on 11/7/22 (please refer to the email for more details).  This is a much larger venue but it will require us to move our Holiday Show date back to the original date of 12/10/22.  I do need to get a final confirmation so I can order t-shirts for all the classes that will need to purchase one to wear for the show (cost is approx. $12-14).   If you are in the Tiny Tykes, Kinder Kidz, or any Ballet class, you will NOT need to purchase a t-shirt so purchasing one is optional! Please select "Not Needed" for T-shirt size below.  Fees will be processed through your dance account.  I need to get our order submitted no later than this Friday, 11/11/22.   

Holiday Show Confirmation
"Winter Wonderland" 
Saturday, 12/10/22

Performance Confirmation

SIZING CHARTS (click on size) :

(If you are not able to participate or if you are in the Tiny Tykes, Kinder Kidz or any Ballet class, please select "Not Needed" for size.)

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