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Hello North Star Parents!!

It is almost time for our 1st Annual Showcase, "Baby, I'm A Star".  We want to make this extra special for everyone since we are hosting our own Showcase in the studio this year.  I have listed below (on the right side) which classes need to purchase T-Shirts.  The cost will be $15 per shirt.  

T-shirts will be available for pick-up around 5/28 in the studio.  I am still waiting for delivery confirmation.  I also need to know how many tickets you wish to purchase.  Each dancer is allowed to purchase up to four (4) tickets per Showcase.  If you have more than one child, than each child gets the same allotment to purchase.  All purchases will be charged to your account!!  Ticket cost is $5 per ticket.

There is a 7.5% convenience fee the studio is charged to sell the tickets/t-shirts online.  If you want to avoid this fee, you can pay cash at the studio.
Ballerina in black tutu dress dancing on

2021 Annual Showcase!

Please fill in the information below!! (One per dancer)

# of Tickets purchasing per Showcase(s) selected:

The # of tickets per showcase being purchased will be multiplied by the number of Showcases selected.  Example:  3 Showcases selected and 4 tickets per Showcase = 12 tickets total.

If you didn't want to purchase the full # of tickets selected for each Showcase, then please indicate in the comments above the exact number of tickets needed and the date/time of Showcase.

Pickup Location
Payment Method

Tickets will be available for pickup at studio on Saturday, 5/22.  If you purchase after this date, you will be notified when you can pick them up or they may have to be emailed!

Select the Showcase(s) attending:

Classes that need to order T-Shirts!
Show # is listed next to class

  • MON - Boys Hip Hop 4 & 5pm (#2)

  • MON - Jazz 6pm (#5)

  • MON - Acro I 4:15pm (#12)

  • MON - Acro II 5:00pm (#16)

  • MON - Hip Hop Jrs 6:00pm (#19)

  • MON - Cheer/Tumble 7:00pm (#3)

  • TUE - HH Hot Shots 3:45pm (#15)

  • TUE - Hip Hop Teens 4:30pm (#19)

  • TUE - Broadway Dance 5:30pm (#11)

  • WED - Kinder Kidz 4:45pm (#1)

  • WED - Musical Theatre 4:30pm (#13)

  • WED - Lyrical I 6:30pm (#5)

  • WED - Acro I 4:45pm (#18)

  • WED - Jazz II 5:30pm (#11)

  • WED - Lyrical II 6:30pm (#11)

  • WED - Musical Theatre 7:30pm (#17)

  • THU - Acro II 5:30pm (#16)

  • THU - Intro to Lyrical 4:00pm (#1)

  • THU - Tap I 4:45pm (#8)

  • THU - Tap II 5:30pm (#15)

  • THU - Tap I 6:30pm (#10)

  • THU - Jazz II/III 6:30pm (#9)

  • THU - Contemporary II/III 7:30 (#10)

  • FRI - Jazz I 5:00pm (#14)

  • FRI - Lyrical I 6:00pm (#14)

  • SAT - Jazz I 11:30am (#4)

Please wear Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and either Pink/Black Ballet Skirt.

  • MON 3:30pm - Ballet I (#12)

  • TUE 5:30pm - Ballet I (#20)

  • TUE 7:30pm - Ballet I/II (#9)

  • WED 5:30pm - Ballet I (#20)

  • ​SAT 10:45am - Ballet I (#4)

**Teachers will decide what additional attire to be worn with T-Shirts (ie. shorts, leggings, etc).  These instructions will be emailed to you!

Saturday Tiny Tyke/Kinder Kidz (#6 & 7):

These classes will be wearing the costumes we discussed.  I will email you separately on the cost.

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